Location New York

New York

Szczesny lived in New York from 1994 to 2001. The city exerted an enormous influence. This relates perhaps not primarily to stylistic developments owed to the experience of metropolitan life, but to Szczesny’s being exposed to an understanding of the art business very different from what he was used to as an artist raised in Europe. It is in New York that he began to conceive of the production of art in more professional terms. In New York, for instance, the idea for the “Szczesny Factory” was born, which was founded in 1996 in Berlin, but is also present in the United States as an Inc.

New York continues to be a place of work and inspiration for Szczesny. He returns frequently. On these occasions, he usually pursues photographic interests. However, he also has the possibility to paint in a small studio space on Lincoln Square. He exhibits in New York on a regular basis.

Stefan Szczesny at Times Square, 2012

Szczesny and Donald Kuspit.

Szczesny with the art critic Donald Kuspit and his wife. On the occasion of the exhibition "Szczesny: Neue Wilden works from the 80s", curated by Kuspit. 532 Thomas Jaeckel Gallery, 2012.

Szczesny painting on photography

Szczesny, "New York VII", acrylic on photography, 2010, H 33 x W 48 cm.

Szczesny in New York

Szczesny on the roof of this New York studio, 1996.

Szczesny in Central Park.

Szczesny in Central Park during a shoot for "Szczesny - The Film" by Curt Faudon. Photo © Curt Faudon.

Szczesny in New York

Szczesny taking a break from work at One Lincoln Plaza in New York. Photo © Curt Faudon.

Szczesny with his wife Eva and Curt Faudon.

Szczesny with his wife Eva and the film director Curt Faudon.

Szczesny exhibition, Lok Gallery NY

Szczesny exhibiton at the LOK Gallery, 1994.

Szczesny in New York, Brooklyn Bridge.

On Brooklyn Bridge, 1995.

Szczesny in his New York studio at 12 Warren Street

Szczesny in his New York studio at 12 Warren Street.

Szczesny on the Empire State Building in New York

On the Empire State Building.

Szczesny in his New York studio at 12 Warren Street

Szczesny in his New York studio.

Szczesny in New York, Times Square, September 2012.

Times Square, September 2012.

Szczesny, "Central Park", 2005

Szczesny, "Central Park", acrylic on canvas, 2005, H 197 x W 281 cm.