Location Seville


Szczesny spent 2001-2002 in Seville as an artist in residence in a studio located on top of a museum. The encounter with this extraordinary Andalusian city was love at first sight. He was taken, in particular, with the Flamenco culture he encountered there, the coming together of absolute stylisation and precision, on one hand, and profuse passion and vitality, on the other. Inspired by these surroundings, Szczesny spent a highly productive year in Seville and one that has lastingly influenced his art.

His ties to Spain remain strong. In 1998 Szczesny developed a comprehensive artistic design for the Kempinski Hotel in Estepona near Marbella. Szczesny’s art at the hotel is alive and well. The hotel has turned into something of a special kind of Szczesny museum.

Stefan Szczesny at Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballeria, Sevilla.

Stefan Szczesny painting in Seville

Szczesny painting in Seville.

Portrait of Stefan Szczesny with a Flamenco Dancer before one of his paintings, Sevilla, 2002

Flamenco dancer in front of Szczesny paintings

Flamenco dancer in front of Szczesny paintings.

Szczesny with Pierce Brosnan and Curt Faudon, Sevilla

At the Szczesny exhibition in Seville, with Pierce Brosnan and film director Curt Faudon.

Szczesny, La Tabernera, 2002

Szczesny, "La Tabernera", acrylic on canvas, 2002, H 130 x W 161 cm.

Szczesny in Sevilla

In Seville, 2001.

Stefan Szczesny's ceramic sculpture on the roof of his studio in Sevilla, 2002

Szczesny, painted capote, 2002

Szczesny, painted capote, framed, 2002.

Stefan Szczesny in Seville

Szczesny in Seville, 2001.

Stefan Szczesny painting in Seville

Szczesny at work in Seville, 2002.