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Invitation to the presentation of SZCZESNY - »Saint-Tropez in Berlin«

opening: sunday, 14. february 2010 at 5 p.m.

Saint Tropez has always had a special fascination about it. This is due to its beautiful nature, the sea, its mesmerising fragrances, its light and above all that special awareness of life, of freedom, of sensuality and of being close to nature.

This book is intended as a snapshot, showing Saint Tropez in a completely new way. The pictures have the fragrance of the Mediterranean, making us yearn for the sea and illustrating why the legend of Saint Tropez is so much alive. The perspective is deliberately subjective. The artist, the author and the photographers have approached Saint Tropez from an emotive viewpoint.

The book is primarily intended as a declaration of love by the artist Stefan Szczesny to his adopted place of residence: Saint Tropez is my home, the object of my yearnings, my everything. The book has been realised in a generously proportioned format, printed on first-rate paper, with high-quality design. Format: 30 cm wide and 36.5 cm high, hardcover in clothbound slipcase, 304 pages and approx. 300 colour illustrations. Each book is numbered and has an original lithograph by Stefan Szczesny.

You will also find the DVD Szczesny – Saint-Tropez enclosed with each copy. The book contains articles by Mario Adorf, Peter Beal and Axel Ganz.

Stefan Szczesny is going to sign his exclusive numbered Saint-Tropez book on Sunday the 14th February at 5 p.m. in the restaurant: Bocca di Bacco, Friedrichstraße 167/168 in Berlin.

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